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United Spirits is the market leaders in alco-bev industry and one of the leading global players, selling 123.7 million cases for the fiscal ending

The history of United Spirits Limited began in 1826 with the establishment of McDowell & Company Ltd, a company incorporated with a mission of importing fine wines and spirits from across the world for the Indian public. A lot of time has elapsed; the company has evolved. It has been a metamorphosis of sorts to create what is today India's largest spirits company. The same fundamental mission of providing the Indian consumer and now the global consumer, with the best products to suit every pocket, every taste, every need remains at the forefront of our continuing mission.

United Spirits has come a long way in rewarding its share holders and its current market capitalization of close to USD 5 billion is only a start of a huge amount of value that is going to be created as it goes forward. As far as the employees are concerned United Spirits has instituted a clear reward for performance where innovative thinking and performance will be amply rewarded.

We will continue to build our phenomenal brand equity. We will refresh our brands constantly and launch new brands to cater to changing needs such as in wine.

We will continuously provide our employees with a workplace full of fun, excitement, professionalism and transparency with a clear focus on reward for performance. In all, United Spirits has a great future as a global Indian company.

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